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Single Reiki Crystal Essences:

Quartz Crystal

The Quartz Crystal is a deep soul cleaner, guiding you in the search for purpose and meaning in your life.

As one of the most powerful healing stones, Quartz Crystals are able to structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energy, and doubles the Auric field.

Quartz Crystal enhances spiritual growth, spirituality and wisdom.


The Moonstone is a very personal stone and it’s most powerful at the full moon.

Known as the “Stone of New Beginnings”, Moonstone enhances, bringing good fortune and success in love and business matters.  This is a stone of inner growth and strength.

Moonstone enables one to receive direction from the unconscious mind to calm and balance emotional over-reactions.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is considered an aphrodisiac and promotes peace and acceptance to love self and brings deep comforting love energy.  This crystal transforms negative behavior into positive.

Pink Tourmaline is a good choice for children recovering from abuse and healing the inner child.

Pink Tourmaline is a fertility stone.

Desert Rose Selenite

Desert Rose Selenite helps to dissolve self imposing programs that have been running for too long and can be used to strengthen affirmations of purpose.

Desert Rose Selenite delivers clarity of mind by cleansing the aura of negative energy build-up both within the physical and etheric body.


Ametrine combines Amethyst and Citrine.  Ametrine is very useful in long standing illness as it brings insight into the causes of your body’s dis-ease.

Clearing stress and tension from the head, Ametrine calms the mind and brings greater focus to meditation.

Ametrine unites masculine and feminine energies, stimulates creativity, and supports taking control.  This essence cleanses negativity from the aura and toxins from the body.

Blue Aragonite

Blue Aragonite teaches patience and is good for people that push themselves too hard.

In times of high stress or anger, Blue Aragonite provides insight on problem solving with the ability to center and ground physical energies.  Makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Blue Aragonite helps to balance emotions and physical blocks over the heart and throat.


Amethyst is the crystal for spiritual growth and protection.  Bringing clarity of the mind, Amethyst helps you keep more in tuned to your feelings and getting to know the inner self on a much deeper level.

Placed under your pillow or next to the bed, Amethyst will help with sleeping disorders and reduce the occurrence of nightmares.  Use when traveling to ensure a safe journey in the physical and spirit world.

Amethyst can be used when dealing with additive personalities to reduce addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping and other afflictions.


Lepidolite is a “stone of transition”, releasing and reorganizing old patterns and inducing change and insists on being used for the highest good, taking you forward into the future.

Extremely useful in the reduction of stress and depression, Lepidolite helps stabilize mood swings and bipolar disorders.

Lepidolite is excellent for menopause.


Serpentine is the “stone of longevity”, having a very old memory and linking into ancient wisdom.

Helping you feel more in control, Serpentine corrects mental and emotional imbalances, assisting your consciousness to direct healing energy toward problem areas.

Serpentine is extremely cleansing and detoxifying for the body and blood.

Tibetan Quartz Crystal

Tibetan Quartz Crystal is one of the 12 Master Crystals and is a very important and powerful crystal.  This crystal essence is wonderful for dream recall, enhancing the healing process and for facilitating meditation. Tibetan Quartz Crystal induces total centering and produces an energy conducive to channeling of higher information. 

Tibetan Quartz Crystal fortifies and strengthens all systems of the body and is particularly effective for chronic fatigue, arthritis, bone injuries, depression, Fibromyalgia, and intestinal troubles. 

Known as the “feel good stone’, Tibetan Quartz Crystals improves mental and physical energy, stamina, and physical strength.

Blue Lace Agate

Because of its soft energy, Blue Lace Agate is very cooling and calming, bringing peace of mind.  This essence brings with this calm and tranquility a lessening of anger, even deep anger issues, and calms nervousness. This is one of the greater nurturing and supportive stones.

Blue Lace Agate is excellent for difficult battle ahead, either in your personal or professional life. Whenever you have to be open and truthful with yourself, you should prefer this essence over any others.

Blue Lace Agate strengthens the function of the throat chakra allowing free expression of thoughts and feelings.


A Crystal Essence for moving forward with spiritual growth, Prehnite helps the visualization process and induces deep meditation.  When meditating, Prehnite is said to help you connect to Archangel Raphael and other spiritual guides.

A good Feng Shui stone, Prehnite is helpful for “decluttering” and letting go of past life experiences, thoughts, habits, and possessions you no longer need. 

Prehnite is beneficial for hyperactive children and the karmic causes that underlie the condition.


Pearls, the "Stone of Sincerity", bring truth to situations and loyalty to a "cause".

Enhancing personal integrity, Pearls help to provide a focus to one's attention.

Attuning to the ebb and flow of life, Pearls calm and center, relieving uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety and tension.

Pearls stimulate your femininity, help with self acceptance, increase fertility and ease childbirth.


Kyanite is a gentle and balanced energy that instantly aligns the chakras clearing the pathways and meridians, restoring the Qi to the physical body and organs.

By calming the mind, Kyanite allows you to go deep into the restful and relaxing state required for a totally blissful meditative experience.

Kyanite encourages speaking one's truth, facilitates the ascension process and helps in finding your spirit guide.


Reiki Crystal Essence Blends:

Back to Earth

Back to Earth harmonizes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, stabilizing new beginnings.

This crystal blend helps release toxic energy and helps calm the emotions especially during trauma or crisis.  Replaces negative energy with loving vibes.

Back to Earth is the perfect grounding and centering experience.

This blend includes: Black Tourmaline, Moonstone, Obsidian, Malachite and Rose Quartz.

Flying with Angels

Flying with Angels contacts the spirit guardians and raises energies to the highest levels, stimulating enlightenment. 

Flying with Angels promotes meditation, dream work, astral travels, ancestral healing and communication with the angels.

Attuning to your spiritual purpose, Flying with Angels jump starts your ethereal development and creates infinite spiritual peace.

This blend includes: Angelite, Gold Calcite, Celestite, Lapis Lazuli, Petalite, Moonstone and Record Keeper Quartz Crystal.


Rekindle that stale relationship with this sensual reawakening Crystal Essence.

This aphrodisiac blend attracts love in your physical and spiritual worlds, stimulating vitality on all levels.  Let Rekindle reintroduce passion back into your life.

This blend includes: Flourite, Red Tiger’s Eye, Pink Tourmaline, Fire Agate and Ruby.


Need to speed up Recovery after that nasty cold, flu or illness?  Just had surgery?  Need to reenergize your exhausted body so you can get back on your feet?

By clearing the chakras, Recovery brings in light and energy, stimulating the self healing powers from within.  This blend helps your body cleanse the circulatory and elimination systems, encourages flow of lymph, soothes migraines and menstrual cramps, just to name a few,  with the regenerative powers of crystal energy.

Recovery can be applied to the skin for fungal and skin infections. This essence blend is intended to enhance the assimilation of vitamins C and D, remove toxins from the body and calm muscle spasms.

This blend includes: Blue and Green Flourite, Aqua Aura Quartz, Sunstone, Moss Agate, Jet and Apache Tears.

The Entrepreneur

A must have for anyone starting up a new business or revitalizing an existing one.

The Entrepreneur gives you the energy and motivation for success, shedding light down the correct path.

Tap into your inner resources and creativity to encourage wealth and abundance.  Clearing negative thoughts, The Entrepreneur brings a positive attitude no matter what your circumstances.

This blend includes: Black Tourmaline with Mica, Blue Topaz, Carnelian, Abundance Quartz and Obsidian.  

State of Mind

State of Mind Crystal Essence is the First Aid of the emotions.

State of Mind releases blockages, anger and traumas, clearing away emotional wounds and scars, attuning to your soul’s true purpose.

Emotional balancing promotes joy and happiness and lets you be who you really are.

This blend includes: Amethyst, Chiastolite, Citrine, Rhodonite, Sodalite and Malachite.

Jasper Medley

Jasper Medley is the supreme nurturer of gemstone essence, sustaining and supporting during times of stress.  Facilitating tranquility and wholeness, this essence unites all aspects of your life. 

Reminding people to help each other, Jasper Medley channels positive energy bringing stability and balance.  Jaspers have the useful attribute of bringing problems to light before they become a threat to happiness.

As a “Stone of Health”, Jasper Medley harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental and etheric qualities of the body.

This blend includes: Red Jasper, Rainforest Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Picture Jasper, Yellow Jasper and Mookaite Jasper. 

Black Moon Rising

Black Moon Rising will change your life, empowering you to move in a new bold direction of transformation. Break free of bad habits and relationships, and no longer be distracted by fear and doubt.

Black Moon Rising brings hidden truths to the surface, allowing your Higher Self to guide you into seizing the new potentials that are emerging in your life.

A extremely powerful crystal essence, Black Moon Rising is ideal for new starts and new beginnings. Make your dreams come true.


Soul mates are people who help us learn our true pathway in life and though not always pleasant, these lessons are for the higher good.  Soulmates Crystal Essence helps draw that soulmate to your side.  

Soulmates focuses and amplifies your efforts in keeping your relationship sound.  It helps you keep minor differences from becoming major conflicts. 

Soulmates Crystal Essence is excellent in Feng Shui applications for areas of harmony.  

This blend includes: Soulmate Crystal Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Larimar and Rainbow Moonstone.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams

As a natural tranquilizer blend, Good Night and Sweet Dreams is excellent for a relaxed and peaceful sleep.  Helping to reduce stress and an overactive mind, this Crystal Essence is the perfect antidote to insomnia.

Protecting against recurring nightmares, especially in children, Good Night and Sweet Dreams gives insight to intuitive dreams. 

As a calming blend, Good Night and Sweet Dreams soothes sleep disturbances, stress, and exhaustion.  This Crystal Essence should be added to your evening drink and sipped for an hour before going to bed.

This blend includes: Amethyst, Chrysoprase, Lepidolite and Howlite.

Lisa's Chakra Blend

Lisa's Chakra Blend grounds and anchors with the earth assisting in rebirth and strengthening your boundaries.

Restoring vitality and motivation, Lisa's Chakra Blend promotes positive life choices absorbing negative energies creating a positive mental state.

Purifying and opening the heart, freeing you from limitations, and opening the third eye, Lisa's Chakra Blend helps enhance the higher states of consciousness and your spiritual awareness.

This blend includes: Smokey Quartz, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Amber, Rose Quartz, Aqua Aura Siberian Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and Apophyllite.



Lisa's Healing Center

For sale at the Center!
1 fl oz Bottle   $15
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Celestial Event
Crystal Essences:

Relationships - Limited Edition

Relationships was created on April 14th and 15th, 2014, under a very supercharged blood moon. This is the 1st of 4 in the lunar tetrad happening in 2014 - 2015, total lunar eclipses on a full moon.

Relationships is an essence of unconditional and successful love. Opening the heart chakra, this blend is a relationship healer; energizing, balancing and aligning your relationship.

Relationships encourages passion for life, domestic bliss and loyalty to your relationship.

This blend includes:
Pink Kunzite
Rose Quartz
Blue Aragonite

Cardinal Grand Cross - Limited Edition

This crystal essence blend was created on April 23-24, 2014 during the astrological event of the Cardinal Grand Cross when 4 planets square up in the astrological wheel.

Cardinal Grand Cross is to be used for the opening of doors to change, opportunity and transformation.

As a powerful cleanser and revitalizer, Cardinal Grand Cross prepares the body and soul for the ascension process, raising consciousness and connects us with the universal energies.

This blend includes:

White Moon Energy - Limited Edition

This crystal essence blend was created on the Super Moon in Capricorn on July 12, 2014. A blend of "Completion", the intense vibrations of White Moon Energy help to bring your projects to completion and to release what no longer supports the highest good.

With white energy ruled by the moon, White Moon Energy clears away clutter and obstacles, brings about mental clarity and purifies all thoughts and actions.

White Moon Energy gives a fresh beginning to your good fortune providing clarity to complete with the energy of light.

This blend includes:
Lemerian Quartz
Crystal Quartz
White Howlite
White Selenite
Rainbow Moonstone
Snowflake Obsidian

Balance - Limited Edition

This crystal essence blend was created on the Super Moon in Aquarius during the Perseid Meteor Shower on August 10th, 2014. A blend of "Balance", this essence illuminates what has been hidden and reshapes your role in the future.

Upgrading the way you organize and perceive reality, Balance helps you achieve quantum leaps in your spiritual growth.

Rising above the drama, developing a deep inner self knowledge and strength of character, Balance helps you be successful in balancing the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

This blend includes:
Red Aragonite
Lapis Lazuli

Meditation - Limited Edition

Meditation was created on the third Super Moon of 2014, September 8, 2014 with the moon in Pisces.

Meditation brings you into a deep and centered state, even for those that find it hard to enter into meditation.

By reducing stress and quieting the mind, Meditation removes extraneous thoughts and invokes high states of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

Meditation is an excellent way to explore you inner self.

This blend includes:
Pink Kunzite
Tibetan Quartz
Recordkeeper Quartz


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About Lisa’s Crystal Essences

1 fl oz Bottle   $15
For sale at the Center!
Wholesale pricing upon request.
Custom orders available.
Go to my Etsy page for mail ordering.

The practice of using crystal and gemstone essences has been recorded in almost every ancient civilization as a form of healing and changing of consciousness for thousands of years.

Essences are one of the most powerful ways of working with crystals. By the basic vibrational infusion of the healing properties of the crystals and gemstones into a liquid, you get all the benefits without any negative aspects. The healing properties of essences are the same as many of us have experienced when wearing or carrying a certain crystal or gemstone.

Essences work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of the body.  Use to enhance your inner being, expand your growth, and help you on your own personal journey. Essences are designed to deal with the cause of the problem not the individual symptoms. Because of the toxicity of many varieties of gemstones, all of Lisa’s Crystal Essences are made using the following method; crystals are never submersed directly into the liquid and therefore can be taken internally without concern.

All crystals and gemstones used in Lisa’s Crystal Essence singles and blends are Reiki and LaHoChi charged and are created under lunar (moon) energy within a medicine wheel of special Quartz and Lemurian points, crystal skulls with the knowledge of the ancients and key energizing gemstones. The energies of all the crystals and gemstones are focused into purified water without toxicity or contamination.  Unlike other Essences which only contain a few drops of the original Mother essence, all Lisa’s Crystal Essences contain pure Mother essence with either 20% Brandy or white vinegar to ensure freshness and should be stored in a cool dark place.  Apply 5 drops in beverage morning and evening until you feel the desired results.

Alternative methods of application can also be used. The most popular methods are: Apply 2-3 drops directly to the skin; chakra or meridian points; 5 drops under the tongue, add 10 drops to the bath; or create a cleansing spray by adding 2/3 spring water and 1/3 essence to a pump bottle, shake and use to clear your space.

If any essence fails to meet your expectations, you may return it for a refund or exchange.