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Harmonic Body Tuning™

We are part of a vibrating Universe. All the creatures on earth, trees, plants, mountains, valleys, oceans even the earth itself pulses and vibrates with life. These pulses and vibrations form interconnecting fields of energy harmonizing our whole body when a person is in balance.

The application of Harmonic Body Tuning™ uses a variety of different tuning forks, each with its own vibration, placed on specific areas on or around the body. These vibrations elicit responses within the body. The body reacts by restoring itself to a healthier and more harmonic system.

Harmonic Body Tuning™ will help you experience profound inner relaxation, creating a sympathetic/parasympathetic balance or idling of your central nervous system. As your nervous system comes into tune, benefits can include enhanced cell vitality and vascular flow, stabilized metabolism, increased energy, stamina and a greater sense of wellbeing.

By balancing the mind, body and spirit, Harmonic Body Tuning™ can improve the quality of daily life and help achieve true enlightenment. Please call Lisa’s Healing Center at 954-415-6285 to make an appointment for an unforgettable experience.

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Chakra Tuning

With sweeping and combing techniques, the individual chakras are brought back into balance. (30 min, 60 min)

Mind, Body and Spirit Tuning

This treatment is the ultimate in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy harmonization.  By transmitting vibration directly into the joints, bones, tissue, acupuncture points and trigger points, greater joint mobility, enhanced circulation, release muscle tension and release pain are achieved.  Individual chakras are brought back into balance and the sympathetic/parasympathetic system is retuned. (90 min, 120 min)

Mind and Spirit Tuning

Mind and body work using various tuning forks directed into the joints, bones, tissue, acupressure points and trigger points.  Sympathetic/parasympathetic system reboot as well.  No chakra work included in this treatment. (60 min)

~Harmonic Body Tuning add-ons
are available with any therapy.~


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